Electrical Safety 101: Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

At My La Mirada Electrician Hero, we take electrical safety very seriously and know you do too. While we all know the basics of electrical safety, it never hurts to have reminders every now and then. With that being said, today’s blog post is all about keeping you safe from electrical fires, burns, and electrocution.

Here are 10 safety tips to keep your home secure and your family safe!

Inside the Home

  • Keep cords out from under furniture and rugs to prevent overheating and fires.
  • Always pull cords from the wall by the plug. Do not pull using the cord.
  • Keep water and electricity far away from each other. Make sure GFCI outlets are installed to prevent shock from accidental exposure.
  • Turn off electricity when working on a fixture or appliance.
  • Never touch a live wire on the ground or in the wall. You could easily be electrocuted.
  • Don’t overload circuits.
  • If an outlet feels hot to the touch, call an electrician and turn the electricity off to that outlet.
  • Leave tree trimming near power lines to the experts. Call your local utility company to see if they are able to provide this service free of charge.
  • Pay close attention to where you dig when adding trees, bushes, and any hardscaping fixtures to your home’s exterior. Utility locating services can find the exact location of where power lines are to avoid coming into contact with them.
  • Do not leave extension cords lying near water sources such as pools, sprinklers, fountains, etc.

Outside the Home

In addition to these safety tips, never use water to douse an electrical fire. Instead call the fire department immediately. If the fire is small, you can use a fire extinguisher or baking soda, but you should still call the fire department to make sure there are not lingering issues that you can’t see.

Also, if a loved one is shocked do not touch them. Call 911. A person who has been shocked or electrocuted can emit electricity that can be deadly to whoever is touching them.

For more safety tips or to schedule an appointment with one of our top-rated emergency electricians in La Mirada to inspect your home, call us today!



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