GFCI Outlets

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) not only safeguard you against electrical shock in your home. They also ensure that your home is up to code. It’s common to find GFCI outlets in areas of the home where the risk of electrical shock is higher such as the bathroom, kitchen, or the garage. You may also find them in laundry rooms and basements. GFCI outlets monitor the flow of electricity and will turn off the electricity to the outlet (by tripping the circuit) if an imbalance is identified.

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GFCI Not Working? Check Out these Ways to Test

Have you tried to use your GFCI outlet and it’s not working? It may be working just fine. If the outlet detected an imbalance of electricity it may have turned itself off. You can test if this is what happened by pressing the “reset” button. If this is the case, the power should be restored after it is reset. It doesn’t take much to trigger the shut-down mode on a GFCI outlet. That’s because they are made to detect the tiniest variations in electrical current to offer the ultimate protection.

At My La Mirada Electrician Hero, we encourage our customers to test their GFCI outlets every month to make sure everything is working as is. Here’s a quick primer to help you with this simple electrical maintenance task:

  • Press and release the “test” button. This should turn the outlet off.
  • Using a nightlight (or another light that isn’t too bright) to look into the receptacle to make sure there is no current flowing.
  • Press and release the “reset” button after you confirm the outlet is working to restore normal operations.

Do You Need GFCI Installation?

Most homes don’t meet mandated requirements for GFCI outlets. If your home isn’t up to code, not only could your family be at risk of electrical shock but there may be other consequences. Homeowners’ insurance policies may not cover an electrical fire if a GFCI outlet wasn’t present. Also, when you go to sell your home, it may not pass an inspection. As early as 1971, GFCI outlets were mandatory on the exterior of homes and with swimming pool equipment. These days, the list is much longer. Here are the areas of your home where GFCI outlets are mandatory:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Utility sinks
  • Wetbars
  • Garages
  • Unfinished basements
  • Crawlspaces

Do not use GFCI outlets with freezers, refrigerators, stoves, and other appliances. Because these outlets can trip without warning it could adversely put your expensive appliances at risk.

If you own an older home, contact My La Mirada Electrician Hero for a home safety inspection by one of our licensed electricians. We’ll make recommendations for GFCI installation where necessary.

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