Professional Electrical Repair Prevents Residential Fires

Electrical fires in homes across the United States claim the lives of hundreds of people every year and injuring as many as 1,500 people each year. In some instances, these fires are the result of electrical system failures or defects with electrical appliances. However, the majority are caused by amateur electrical repair in La Mirada, overloaded circuits, old wiring, and misuse or overuse of extension cords.

Home appliance and wiring issues account for tens of thousands of fires, multitudes of death, and millions of dollars in property loss each year. Don’t let your home or family fall prey to electrical fires.

Causes and Risks for Electrical Fires

Most fires are the direct result from faulty electrical outlet installation and old wiring. In older homes, extension cords are the primary cause residential electrical fires because the home’s current electrical system isn’t equipped to handle the amount of electricity required of today’s electricity demands.

Do you own an electric stove? Did you know that 53% of appliance fires are caused by irresponsible cooking habits? Electric stoves are the leading cause of injuries from residential fires and cause the majority of fire-related deaths. However, fixed heating units and portable heaters contribute to injury and death too.

Safety Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Your family’s safety is important. Here are some tips that licensed electricians want you to know to protect your home and your family.

  • Check your electrical appliances and wiring frequently, looking for frayed wires that can easily spark a fire.
  • Damaged appliance cords should be replaced immediately. Never operate an appliance that has a worn out or old cord.
  • Make sure any new appliances you buy meet current safety requirements. Avoid buying old appliances on classified ad sites or from resell stores. These appliances may not be compatible with modern electrical systems or have existing problems.
  • Never leave portable heating units unattended. Do not place these units near furniture, curtains, or anything flammable. When you leave the house, make sure these units are turned off.
  • Any tool or appliance that frequently sparks, shorts out, overheats regularly, or seems to not be working as it should, should be replaced immediately.
  • Don’t overload wall outlets or extension cords. If you own an older home, it may be necessary to call an electrician and discuss upgrading your home’s electrical system if you’re running out of outlets. You may need to add a secondary panel to your system.
  • Keep children and pets away from exposed wiring and outlets. If you have exposed wiring due to a renovation or remodel, make sure to section this area of your house off. Do not allow anyone near the exposed outlets until the project is complete.
  • Pay close attention to electrical surges. If your home experiences surges of power on a regular basis, this is a very good indication that you need electrical repairs or upgrades.

Hire Professionals for Electrical Repair

It’s understandable that when something in your home doesn’t work like it should that you may want to save some money and make repairs yourself. There are some home repairs that are perfectly suited for DIY repair jobs, but your electrical system is not one.

Amateur electrical repairs can have disastrous consequence that can leave your home in flames and injure its occupants. When you encounter electrical difficulties, you need to call a licensed and insured electrician in the area. Licensed electricians at My La Mirada Electrician Hero have the proper training and knowledge to deliver electrical repair that will keep your home in top condition and protect your family members from household fires. Don’t become a statistic – make smart electrical repair decision.

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